China's one child policy is being dropped

China's one child policy is being dropped...because of the low birth rate which means the population is rapidly aging and too few new workers are coming up. This is having a negative impact on their economy---they are getting old quickly before they get rich

The Desires of the Individual:

A culture where individual desires trump what is best for society.

  • In this society, marriage is defined as the emotional union of two or more consenting adults, and the well-being of children and the benefit to society are an afterthought.
  • Disagreement with this view is seen as a threat—some rights, such as sexual rights, are considered more important than rights such as religious freedom.

Marriage benefits society in ways no other relationship does. That’s why government is involved and why Alliance Defending Freedom defends marriage policies that give children the opportunity to have a married mother and father. But this isn’t just about children. It’s about your future.