Global Family & Grandmother Corps

We are all a global community with stewardship of the Planet and all of its resources.  We have a tremendous amount of knowledge, expertise and wisdom to share with one another and particularly our youth.

Mission Statement

Described in our brochure.

Our mission is to discover new and creative ways to enrich and invigorate our grandchildren's lives as well as our own.
We are promoting the five different roles that grandparents play as defined by Dr. Gutowski in her book, Grandparents are Forever.  see Study Guide
Nurturer: demonstrating love in action. We show love in so many ways from baking cookies to making sure they get to mass when on vacation.
Historian: passing on the living history of the family- children need to be proud of their Catholic heritage. We are under the protection of Our Guardian angels, Our Lady and a host of angels and saints.; surrounded by beautiful liturgies and prayers.
Mentor: guiding the children and helping them learn life skills: how to find happiness following God’s laws; How to cope with tragedies and hardships; How to love our neighbors; How to help the poor and needy in the world.
Role model: showing how to age gracefully; to appreciate our gifts and use them for the benefit of others. To forgive and forget the hurts of life. To enrich our lives by reaching out to all.
Wise Person: Providing the wisdom of experience and maturity in overcoming obstacles and finding true and lasting happiness.


Organizational Structure:

  • Organizational Structure: The Grandmother Corps.
    1. Officers: President: Claire Hogan,  Janet Sharbaugh: Secretary,  Treasurer: Alice Zaucha,  Webmasters  Deb Hunter
    2. Chaplain/Advisor. Father Don Conroy
    3. Committees: We discussed forming committees to work on different projects. Proposed:
       a. Committee for Breakfast in Bethlehem to present the first week of Advent; we already have a script, costumes sets.
       b. Committee for 12 Days of Christmas to develop handouts to be used at home for this season. Include Jesse Tree and Advent calendar
       c. Bible Story books committee to review various children’s bibles and bible story books to make recommendations of the best ones to buy as presents. We may try to start a store in the back of the narthex around the holidays and First Holy Communion.
       d. Recipe box committee to work on a collections of ideas for each of the major holidays that parents could implement at home.
       e Church Festival Committee to work with the Evangelisation committee on the following:
         i. Feast of Guadaloupe
         ii. May crowning
         iii. St Bernards day
         iv. St. Joseph’s day.
         v. Guardian angels day
       f. Newsletter Committee: to put out
  • blog postings and a monthly list of suggestions
  • and prepare Bulletin announcements and inserts: