The Advent Calendar is designed to focus on the true meaning of
Christmas. This year we made two versions of the calendar, one being a
tree and the other a wreath. The base of the calendar is drawn on card stock,
cut out and marked for the placing of the envelopes. A yarn string hanger is
attached on the back along with a copy of the prayer "The Angelus". The
child will then glue together and *number small envelopes, one for each day
of Advent. Into each envelope will be placed a message listing various
chores, prayers or meditations the child can do to enforce the spiritual time
waiting for the birth of Jesus. Personal messages may be placed in the
envelope if so desired such as praying for someone special to the child
making the calendar. Some of the messages are for individual and some are
for family participation. The spaces around the envelopes can be colored as
the participant chooses. One envelope will be opened each day of Advent
and the child can do what the message says. The envelope for December 25
(Christmas Day) says "Happy Birthday Jesus" and also contains a small
picture of the Baby Jesus or one of Mary and Jesus.

*The number and numbering of the envelopes depends upon the date when Advent begins. This year (2014) the numbering began with November 30 thru December 25 and we used twenty-six (26) envelopes.

Instructions and suggested activities for each day: Click Here