A Time to Reflect, Celebrate, and Share


Christmas is a busy season.


We try to start out with an Advent calendar activity for parents to do at home.    Each day the child opens the envelope for that day with a suggested good deed.



We are also encouraging parents to tell one of the Jesse Tree stories each day and color in the tree ornament that reflects the story. These stories are the stories of Jesus' ancestors described in the Old Testament and they show how God intervened to help His people.  We are His people.  Our children need to know that God is watching over us even when we turn our backs on him.


As a group activity our grandmothers put on a breakfast Pageant  instead of Breakfast with Santa.

The children are encouraged to come in costume as angels,shepherds,Joseph, Mary, the Three Kings, Herod or the drummer boy.  We follow a script and act out the story of the Nativity singing the traditional carols as we go it.   At the end we light candles on cupcakes and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.


JANUARY- Epiphany

The Twelve Days of Christmas song is a summary of the catechism used to pass on the faith to the children in times of persecution when Christians were not allowed to worship  such as  Protestant England;  a coloring book has been provided for you. This is more suitable for the older children.

Pro-Life activity.  We encourage the older ones to attend the March for Life and stay overnight at the Shrine where they attend Mass.  For the younger ones we suggest they donate baby items to the local Birthright







2/14 VALENTINES DAY.  we hang special valentines on a tree in the narthex.  They are brought up with the gifts during mass.



We celebrate the Mardi Gras with home made beignets and Jambalaya.  We talk about the many traditions and what it means to fast.  We also pass out ad discuss a lenten jpourney activities with a different offering for each day.



Children are encouraged to help  bring ashes to the various nursing homes we visit;

On the 6  Saturdays the families are encouraged to come and make Pysanky eggs.   We found a local person who could teach us how to do the eggs and who was willing to give up his time. He was making eggs for his own family as well.


st.j bunnies

Bunnies for the children for St Joseph's day


MARCH 19th.   St Joseph's day

canolis  We make lots of traditional breads and cookies and have  feast.


On the Saturday,we bless the Easter baskets filled with Pashka breads and the traditional foods and covered with a beautifully embroidered cloth   We have a handout on the traditional foods that go in the basket

MAY;  May crowning,


We hold a High School Graduation Breakfast for  our seniors and their families.  Once again we have a chance to recognize Our Lady.

JULY 26th is the Feast day  of Our Lady's parents, St Anne and Joachim.  We visit our local nursing home and play Bingo with them;

We also collect prayer petitions for our grandparents in the back of the church in a basket which we bring up with the gifts.'

AUGUST:  feast day of St. Bernards.  we celebrate with a  covered dish dinner