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Grandmothers Corps will meet promptly at 8:30 A.M. in the social hall on Monday , April 01, 2019.  All members are encouraged to attend and new members are always welcome!  


Please join us for Adoration on Tuesday evening, April 2nd, beginning at 6:00 P.M. 






Breakfast in Bethlehem....December 2018




















Souper Bowl 2019

A Big Thank You to All  who helped in every way possible.

We are obsessively grateful !





A Little Comfort Goes A  Long Way

We would like to provide more kits for incoming patients who are diagnosed with cancer each and every day.

We are asking monetary donations so that appropriate items can be purchased , such as hand sanitizer, lotions, lip balm, ginger and peppermint tea, socks, mouthwash, toothpaste, tablet and pen, mints, the appropriate eating utensil's, etc., these are all items that are so needed and appreciated by those going through this most difficult time.

The kits will be assembled, then given to the Oncology Unit (Indiana, PA) to distribute to first time patients.

On behalf of Grandmothers Corps we ask that you prayerfully consider this act of kindness to join us. If you wish to donate towards the purchase of these items or have questions, please contact Grandmothers Corps of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux or call 724-840-0416





Grandmothers are asked to help with "Households of Faith" beginning in January. It is a program for young parents with children-once a month-January thru May.





People ask me: " What will convert America and save the World?" My answer is prayer. "What we need is for every parish to come before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in Holy hours of prayer" - St Teresa of Calcutta





















 Blessing of Easter Baskets

A Beautiful Day it is !


Easter European Easter Basket

Two grandmothers, Dorothy Jablunovsky and Julie Receski, representing St. Bernard Grandmothers Corps of Indiana, Pa, addressed the Faith Formation classes Palm Sunday.

They demonstrated and explained the tradition of the Eastern European Easter basket foods and meaning of each.

Dressed in "stadda babba" clothing and wearing "babushkas" (ready for church), they showed each food and its symbolism of the passion and resurrection.

A map was used to explain the location of the countries that make up the Balkan States.

It was emphasized new traditions can be initiated by todays families in the basket made up and taken to church Saturday before Easter for the Easter Basket Blessing.

Phillip & Dorothy Jablunovsky

A Tradition of Heritage


9:30 AM

Linda and Granddaughter decorating a thorn bush with jellybeans. The thorn bush represents the crown of thorns that Jesus wore and how the sweetness and joy of the jellybeans eaten on Easter is celebrating His resurrection. 

St Valentine Day

Everyone signed a Valentine card and hung it on our lovely Valentine tree.

You could also take a card and give to anyone on this Valentine Day.

Presentation of


Rev. Thomas A. Federline, Pastor

Grandmothers Corps

Pilgrimage to Loretto

DSCN8505[1]   DSCN8492[1]

 On June 21, 2016 a small group of eleven made the pilgrimage to Loretto and met up with a family of six children.

This is a holy place where there are sunken gardens, eight shrines, and the home of a Russian Prince, Basilica, and the only Monastery in the US founded directly from France. This is the home of Prince-Priest, Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin and founder of Loretto in 1799.

While touring this historical site we remember Venerable Prince Gallitzin and tell others about his missionary work in the Catholic faith. 

Our wonderful tour Guide was Ms. Betty Seymour and did a wonderful job.

St Francis University campus contains Immaculate Conception Chapel and above Sacred Heart Friary, Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and Pieta Shrine and as we walked through the beautiful gardens were the Stations of the Cross where one could pause and meditate.

We visited St. Michael the Archangel Basilica. Pilgrims can go underneath the tomb that was erected to honor Father Gallitzin, and a bronze statue of Father Gallitzin was erected over the crypt.

Another place to visit is the Carmelite Monastery of Saint Terese. This blessed Monastery houses a community of cloistered Discalced Carmelite nuns. We had the privilege of saying the Rosary with them in their beautiful Chapel during our visit.

Today, the former Immergrun is owned and occupied by the Franciscans of The Third Order Regular. 

Our Lady of Loretto is a shrine visited by many people every year.The mystery of the Annunciation of Mary is meditated upon when visiting this shrine.

The pilgrimage site is an historical, peaceful, holy place that one can learn and grow in the love of Jesus through His Mother, Mary, where three of the eight shrines are dedicated to her.

Blessings and Grace are Found Here.

Check out  photos under Events then click Pilgrimages.







Our faith from the past shinning into the future.



Check to see what is scheduled as Grandmother Corps Activities at St. Bernard.  Join us or follow along in your own community.


New officers were elected  in January of 2016.  Becky Thomas : President, Joan Zilner: Secretary, Alice Zaucha : Treasurer.  Thank you

 If you would like to get more involved, we need your help to enable Catholic parents to be the primary educators of their children in the faith.


In Memory of Our Dear Friend H. Mary (Cumpston) Micco, Ph.D.,

                            Mary was an active parishioner and enthusiastic volunteer at St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic Church. Mary volunteered in several church ministries, including the health ministry. In most recent years she was instrumental in founding and advancing the Grandmothers Corps, an organization to help grandmothers indoctrinate their grandchildren in the Christian faith, so very dear to her heart.  Mary also taught herself Web design and from that created gc.globalfamily.global  .

May God richly bless you, Mary.