Thoughts about my Pilgrimage by Deb H.

The word "pilgrim", from the Latin peregrinum, is the idea of wandering over a distance, it is not just that, it’s a journey with a purpose to honor God.and answers to prayers.


In honoring saints we are honoring God himself. Some Pilgrimages are done in penance for sin, some in petition for a special blessing or favor. One may want to be alone from earthly things and be near God so one can have peace.


People go on a pilgrimage as a cure for a sick relative or friend. Maybe to seek inspiration, an act of religious devotion to God and to prove that they believe in Him and that they love Him.


One might go on a pilgrimage to desire a new perspective, and a change of their mind and heart. People seek ways to reverse the destruction of life on earth and care for God's creation.


For me I think it’s like going on a journey, you’re going to be changed one way or another.


We're all searching, I am accepting of my religion and feel strongly that this is where I belong but I want to be active in deciding what I believe.


For me, I'm the mother of five adult children with one grandson and a second one coming this winter.


It empowers me to say, “Look, here's what I believe. Ultimately, it can be fulfilling!”


Going on a pilgrimage is a very effective way to ask myself, “Who do I want to be? What kind of family member do I want to be? What do I want to do in my community?”


So I guess it is like wandering by taking the suitcase of questions one can ask when on a pilgrimage with the intent to find grace and peace.