Our pilgrimages:  the Mercy Doors

Going on a pilgrimage to other churches can be very worthwhile.

We hope to arrange a guided tour at each location with someone to give the history and significance  of the site we are visiting.  we need to know what our ancestors went through to bring the faith to this corner of the world

The following Pilgrimages are being planned:

  1.  Mercy Doors: In this special year of Mercy all Catholics are encouraged to pass through the Doors of Mercy at  the locations designated by the Bishop.. If we fulfill  all the requirements we can obtain a plenary indulgence.   For more information  on the indulgences  go to Catholic answers.  We are planning a trip to the Mercy Doors at St Vincent's Basilica in Latrobe on March 19th.  Father Don Conroy will offer a mass at 11:30 in the Crypt, and we will include a sermon on Mercy and a tour of the facility.  We will stop at St. Simon and Jude  in Blairsville on the way home.  Cost for the bus will be $15 per person.  For reservations : contact Gloria Kanick: 762-465-2812
  2.  Prince Gallitzin/Father Demetrius in Loretto, PA  in June of 2016  The Apostle of the Alleghenies.  Details will be announced as plans firm up.  Contact Becky Thomas for further details: 724-465-4918
  3. St Anthony's Chapel on Troy Hill and the churches in the Strip district in Pittsburgh in  July;

Summer Bible Camp

We are called to help our grandchildren grow in their faith; to set a good example of faith filled lives.   Each year Our Faith Formation Director puts on a 5 day summer bible camp for our children and grandchildren.  she welcomes volunteers to work with the  children  checking them in, ..-doing craft activities, music, sports, nature walks, treats and just keeping order and tidying up.  This is a great time to spend quality time with your family.


Visit the churches in the Strip and St Anthony's Chapel

We are also planning a summer pilgrimage to Pittsburgh to learn about Father Cox  and his efforts to help the unemployed during the recession.  He built a shanty town in the strip and fed over 500 a day then he ran for President of the U.S. to draw attention to the plight of the workers;  We will include a side trip to St Anthony's Chapel on Troy Hill which houses the largest collection of relics outside the Vatican.  Dates have not yet been set up.

We are planning a day trip.  We will have a picnic at lunchtime.  Please bring your own food and drinks.  We expect to arrange for bus transportation at a cost of $15 each approximately

Reservations can be made on line by emailing Mary Micco at the following address:; Please indicate how many will be in your party or call at 724-465-2827.