In our parish we have tried to focus on saints that are meaningful to young people and who have a message that resonates with them.  On their feast day we try to hold a related activity.

St Anne and St  Joachim,

Grandparents of Jesus and parents of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus.

 St Louis and Zelie Martin ,

canonized by Pope Francis in October 2015 as the parents of Therese, the Little Flower.

Zélie and Louis are an inspiration to the families of today. Each owned a small business and worked hard while raising a large family. In the 19th century this two-career couple faced the challenges we face in the 21st: finding good child care; achieving professional excellence; operating a profitable business; caring for aging parents; educating a special-needs child; forming their children in the faith; finding time to pray and to be active in their parish. Devout Catholics, they saw Christ in the poor and worked for a just society.



Carpenter, stepfather of Jesus, took his family to Egypt to save them from Herod, he taught Jesus how to be a carpenter  and work with his hands.

Saint Patrick  converted the pagans in Ireland to Christianity.  Used the shamrock to explain the mystery  of the Blessed Trinity:  Three persons in the one Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit: three  parts make up one whole.


Saint Francis of Assisi  came from a wealthy merchant family but gave it all up to follow Christ;  has many followers even today;  His prayer is well known:  "Lord, Make me an instrument of your peace.." It is still important in today's troubled times. He loved animals and many parishes will hold a blessing for the pets on his feast day, October 4th.

Saint Nicholas:  the original Santa Claus.  A bishop in the early church he was noted for his generosity to the poor .

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta:  ministered faithfully to the poorest of the poor. Started an order which now has many houses all over the world

Pope John Paul II:  suffered much hardship under Communist rule but eventually helped to bring down communism.

St  Anthony of Padua:  known for being a famous orator.  Even the fish came to the river bank to listen to his preaching.  He is also known for finding lost articles.