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We are encouraging students to submit their papers, poems or short stories for publication on the web as a student anthology Each submission will be reviewed by a copy editor and vetted for content that is appropriate to the mission statement of the grandmother corps



"Harmonious Freedom?"

The architect of such pristine radiance,

Created all to exist in humble accord.

For living and non living, He desires a tranquil ambiance,

And entrusts us with freedom as reward.

Yet, creation endures Man's apathetic abuse and desecration,

And as long as we are stewards of God's creation,

Both the civilized and lifeless deserve ardent devotion.

Provoked by egotistical, arbitrary notions.





Blessing of Graduates 

If you wish, you could be taught

If you apply yourself, you will be shrewd.

If you are willing to listen, you will learn;

If you give heed, you will be wise.

Frequent the company of the elders;

Whoever is wise, stay close to them.

Be eager to hear every godly discourse;

Let know wise saying escape you.

If you see persons of prudence, seek them out;

Let your feet wear away their doorstep!

Reflect on the precepts of the Lord,

Let his commandments be your constant meditation;

Then he will enlighten your mind,

And the wisdom you desire, He will grant.


Let us pray: Lord our God, in your wisdom and love you surround us with the mysteries of the universe. In times long past you sent us your prophets to teach your laws and to bear witness to your undying love. You sent us your son to teach us by word and example that true wisdom comes from you alone. Send your spirit upon these graduates and fill them with your wisdom and blessings.  Grant that as they face the future let them take delight in new discoveries. Grant that they may follow Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life.


And may the blessings of Almighty God be with them,

the Father, + the Son, + and the Holy Spirit. +   Amen