Pope Francis has declared this as a Year of Mercy with the symbolic opening of  the Holy Doors of Mercy in cathedrals and churches throughout the world.  These doors which  symbolize our desire for reconciliation with God are dedicated entrances for pilgrims.

A pilgrimage is a journey to a place of prayer where one seeks to reconnect  with our faith and gain spiritual insights.  You can gain a plenary indulgence by completing  all of the following  during the Holy Year:

  1. Make a pilgrimage and pass through one of the designated HOLY Doors in our Diocese.  Consult our Events page for details of our local pilgrimage to St Vincents Basilica
  2. Participate in the sacrament of reconciliation in any church at any time during the Holy Year
  3. Attend a mass in any church that includes a homily on mercy...the days and times of these sermons will be announced ahead of time
  4. Make a profession of faith such as the Nicene or the Apostles Creed
  5. Pray for the intentions of the Holy Father at least once during the year.